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“What You Don’t Know About Building A Website Is Costing You A Fortune!”

Here’s The Inside Secrets On How To Save Thousands of Dollars and Hours of Precious Time

1. Review and Plan

Who Is Your Ideal Target Audience?

If you don’t understand your target audience, who are you marketing your website to? As the old saying goes, “man who aims for nothing is sure to hit it”.


2. Keep Control

If You Don’t Own Your Website and Hosting, You Are Being Held Hostage

Many website development companies purchase domain names on behalf of clients and control their hosting. Not only does this open you to overpaying, you also have no control over what you can do with your own website. You may be held hostage to their demands and expenses if you are not careful.

Domain names should cost around $10 per year and hosting starts at under $5 per month for a basic package (with unlimited domains) if you keep control of it yourself and know where to look. Other companies can charge 10 to 20 times as much!


3. Choosing a CMS

Your Content Management System Can Make Or Break Your Budget In The Long Term

A CMS or Content Management System is the foundation upon which your website is built. If it is “open source” (like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others), then thousands of developers around the world can work on your site for only a few dollars an hour.

If your website is built on a custom or a complicated CMS, not only can it be harder to find in search, it can also be very difficult and expensive to change or update.

Would you rather pay $5 or $500 for a simple website change? Do you know how to avoid this?


4. Design and Development

Why Would You Try and Re-invent the Wheel?

Although building a custom website from the ground up may sound like a great idea, chances are that a team of developers have already produced something very similar to what you need and have their template on sale for you to customise to look and feel exactly the way you want.

Some website developers charge tens of thousands of dollars for a website which can be a shadow of what can be created for a fraction of the cost.

Design and Development

5. Search Friendly

Does Your Website Get Along With Google?

Although many developers claim their platforms are the best option for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), did you know that some platforms seem to have a distinct advantage? You need to think about the long term viability of your website.