If you are wondering what resources a professional web company uses to power what they do, look no further. We always encourage our clients to learn to use these services for themselves and although it could well put us out of business, we would rather empower the user to save time and money, because that’s how we started as well!

This page contains some AFFILIATE LINKS. We don’t really care if you click them, or search for the website directly. Either way, it will cost you the same, but we hope you think it’s worth it to use our links and show your love!

iContact – Email Service

iContact is the email service we use to collect data and send emails. It has some great features and packages start under US$10. If you are in business, you MUST have a reliable email service that has high delivery rates and easy to use features.

Use iContact to send and track emails, newsletters, surveys and RSS feeds.

Why not check it out and at least take the free trial to see what all the fuss is about. Simply click this link to take you to the iContact website or click the banner below.

Bluehost – Website Hosting Service

We use Bluehost to host all our websites and swear by their reliability, services, price, though the most exciting thing about them is support. I have requested live support at all hours of the day and night and every single time, I am never waiting more than a minute or two. Even better, I have my questions handled professionally and promptly every time and always find a solution.

This is a great service for those that are learning about hosting their own websites, though using Bluehost is equally recommended for the advanced user.

At under $7 a month, the price is unmatched for what they offer. Click this link to go straight to the Bluehost site to find out everything you need to know, or you can just click the banner below to take you there as well.

Thesis Theme For Wordress – Website Theme

As you know, Sugoi exclusively uses the Thesis Theme for WordPress. Why? Find out for yourself what all the fuss is about.

With unrivaled flexibility, ease of use and SEO options, this is a killer theme in the market place. It puts expert controls in the hands of complete amateurs and allows them to compete with much bigger guns online. If you are unsure about websites, Sugoi is always happy to help you get started, though guess what theme we will build your site on?

Click here to visit the Thesis Theme for WordPress site or click on the banner to check out how good a flexible CMS can be.

Thesis Theme for WordPress: Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

Odesk – Outsourcing Service

If you have a job you need done quickly and professionally, try Odesk for everything you could imagine.

We use Odesk for when our workload starts to get on top of us, or even when we’d just like a fresh set of eyes and brains working on our projects.

Click here to check out Odesk or click on the banner below.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk

Market Samurai – Keyword Research

Click here to download a free trial copy of Market SamuraiMarket Samurai is the superhero of keyword research! If you don’t believe me, try it, for free. Take it for a test drive and find out why you have been trying to chop down a tree with a bread knife and how Market Samurai hands you a chainsaw… on steroids!

If you later decide to buy the software, there’s no monthly charges or upgrade charges at a later date. It’s a one off payment and it’s yours for life with absolutely every upgrade, tutorial and blog free of charge.

Click here to go straight to the page where you can claim your Market Samurai free trial or click on the banner to head there as well.